Digital Archive in the Web

The production of electronic sounds is still very young and topical, nevertheless, historical archiving took place as a result of the rapid technical development. The diverse pieces, here collected, show the different creative possibilities of the new technology: sound synthesis, pitch alteration and vocal editing and their mixture in collages of sound. Often you can no longer discern the source nor the mode of production. The classical differentiation of the sound world returns to a almost chaotic variety of possibilities.
By publishing the digital archives in the Web, the sound world becomes global and shows herein the universality of the physical sound system and its possibilities, which have natural causes.

Archive I: Series

This archive contains pieces or parts of pieces compiled in series. You can get an impression of the rich variety of electronic music with regard to the history of the object as well as of to person.

>> Archiv I 

Archive II: Recording on DA 38 / 88 Tascam

This archive in progress will contain great part of the work of a lifetime, making it open to the public. The pieces of this archive were originally recorded with 8 tracks on the DA 38 / 88 of Tascam, arranged in chronological order.

>> Archiv II 

Archive III: Recording on DAT

This archive will become a library of electronic music recorded on DAT. The pieces produced in the course of circa 30 years are either original stereo recordings or tape compositions. The selected pieces are numerically arranged not chronologically.

>> Archiv III

Archive IV: Organ


>> Archiv IV: Organ