Sounds from Below

The Copernican Revolution in Image of Man
According to classical opinion, the human being is considered to be the crown of creation, the system of tones a gift of the gods to humans and the seven tones represent the well-ordered cosmos. The first Copernican shift in the renaissance expelled man from the center of the world and made him thereby totally insecure. The second shift unmasked the psyche of man and injured thereby his conceitedness. Today the current behavioural science shows us the real nature of man.

The Copernican Revolution in the System of Tones
At present an additional Copernican shift is taking place in our system of tones. The organ has offered us already the possibility of creating any tone colour (great instruments in the USA), retaining the traditional tone system to a large extent. The new sound technologies now offer new possibilities, which can be created by using the given elements of any sound or tone system. These systems are given to us not by the gods, but by physics, by the nature of the substantial  substrate.
Maybe these are the new gods, endowing us as never before.