"Exhibition of Sounds"

Exhibition of Sound Productions

Classical music is usually presented in concerts or as in the musical framework of social events or serve festive ceremonies. Visual art is presented in exhibitions. We came upon the idea of presenting electronic sounds and their “aggregates” ( that means merged sounds ), in the exhibition of sounds. Art  objects are exhibited, sound products are similarly perceived,  broadcasted from the loudspeakers, controlled by technical devices.

Guiding and Introduction

these objects of the exhibition of sounds required guiding and introduction. Sensory perception of pure sound must be supplemented by explanations in linguistic form. Thus all presentations of electronic sounds had a pedagogic undertone. Each of these new technologies required the explanation of the underlying principles, on which the technical art in a new and undiscovered domain is based.

Self-organising Exhibitons

In our presentations, no original performances took place, on the contrary we presented sound productions alternating in a free manner, almost self-organising, selected randomly. Superimposed productions resulted in sound events, “before- inaudible”, containing great innovative potential, disappearing suddenly, without any possibility of repetition. Permanently self-reorganising  “Sound Exhibitions”  are contrary to firmly established traditional concerts.

Personal Styles always being presented in new Forms

Due to the professional circumstances, an implementation of the ideas about electronic sound design in practice could be archieved in practice. The auditorium and the music department  of the pedagogical university in Freiburg provided rooms which were particularly suitable for such “Sound Exhibitions”.  Also while playing live the current instruments (inter alia Jupiter 8, SY 77) could also be integrated. At that time “ZeM” (Zentrum für Elektronische Musik) was founded, an association of interested students and other persons with the aim of promoting and disseminating electronic music.
Over the years a modus of presentation was developed consisting of productions personally characterized in a wide variety and in many personal styles, which can still be activated even today, for instance in the “Steinhalle” (Emmendingen). Up to 16 loudspeakers connected with classical playback devices were integrated. Recently the laptop became an additional instrument for producing and presenting creative improvisation.

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