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From the Pipe Organ to the Electronic Music

short version
From Registration to Programming
From Tones to Sounds
From Mechanical to Digital Control

A long way
It´s a long way from an classical organ to a modern synthesizer which is digitally controlled, from the mechanical action of the fingers and feet, used to control the instruments, to the pure hearing of  the programmable algorithms calculating the sound. What  is common? The attraction both of the pure sound of the organ registers and of the oscillator of an electronic instrument. The mechanical action of the fingers and feet play the given notes, a fugue of Bach, a movement of a symphony of Vierne in a defined language of sound and form. The oscillators, controlled algorithmically produce and play the sounds with a spectrum, which couldn´t be heard before.
The long way to freedom passes from the traditional relationships to the openness to experiment with sounds, to the freedom of the programmable algorithms, shaping a sound, to the autonomous and resulting registration, from the existing sound to the sound, generated in an autonomous way.

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